About Us   

The Palmers are a family who have been playing music since the early 90's.  Before they had children, Jason and Candace begin singing together in Church. Now they have 4 children who all play and sing in the family.

Jason plays the guitar and sings lead and vocals. He began playing the guitar when he was a teenager. He is also a Missionary Pastor in Farmerville, LA. His hobbies include fishing, hunting, camping and just about anything outdoors.  He loves spending time with his family and playing music.


Candace plays the Mandolin, sings lead and vocals. She has been singing ever since she was a little girl in church. She was raised in a preachers home and she is now married to one! She stays busy homeschooling her children. She also enjoys setting around with her family and singing. When she has time, she enjoys the outdoors and traveling. 

Ryan is 15 and plays the fiddle, sings lead and vocals. He began playing the fiddle at the age of 6. He also plays the guitar, mandolin and writes songs. He enjoys playing sports, listening to music, hunting, fishing and playing video games.

Madeline is 14 and plays the bass and sings. She began playing the bass at the age of 10. She also plays the guitar and mandolin. She enjoys playing sports, hunting, fishing, and of course, shopping.

Kaylee is 12 and plays the banjo. She has been playing the banjo for a couple of years and has done very well with it. She also sings lead and vocals. She enjoys playing sports, swimming,fishing and reading. Her favorite color is pink.

Holly is 9 years old and plays the fiddle. She began playing the fiddle when she was 6. She also sings and does vocals for the family. She enjoys playing, watching TV, swimming, fishing, camping and aggravating her brothers and sisters.

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